Published date: 23 February 2018

Last edited date: 17 February 2022

Open opportunity - This means that the contract is currently active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to fulfil the contract.

Closing: 22 February 2023, 5pm

Contract summary


  • Project-supervision services other than for construction work - 79421100

Location of contract

United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, British Oversea Territories, Europe, Rest of the World

Value of contract

£0 to £40,000,000

Procurement reference

UK SBS PR17075 Monitoring Services for Innovate UK

Published date

23 February 2018

Closing date

22 February 2023

Closing time


Contract start date

23 February 2023

Contract end date

24 February 2023

Contract type

Service contract

Procedure type

Restricted procedure (above threshold)

A two-stage procedure, where the first stage is used to select suppliers, who are then invited to bid in the second stage.

This procedure can be used for procurements above the relevant contract value threshold.

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Contract is suitable for VCSEs?



This contract notice is published on behalf of UKRI (referred to herinafter as Innovate UK)

Associated OJEU Contract Notice publication number: 2018/S 037-080867.

Innovate UK is establishing a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) as a means of awarding contracts for monitoring services.

Innovate UK provides grant funding to individuals and organisations involved in developing technology and science innovations. It is vital for Innovate UK that the performance and progress of publicly funded projects are monitored to ensure that the funding is used properly and effectively.

The DPS is divided into a 48 Lots based on the different areas of innovation to which the innovation projects relate.

The DPS is a completely electronic tendering system through which Monitoring Services Providers (MSPs) can apply to be admitted to a specific Lot. Interested parties must specify which Lots they are applying to join. Admission to a Lot or Lots is no guarantee of work, but Innovate UK's intention would be to invite tenders from MSPs within Lots for future Monitoring Services opportunities.

The DPS will remain open and valid from the start date of 23rd February 2018 for an initial period of two years, with the option to extend the operation of the DPS for two further 12 month periods.

See attached documents for DPS Overview and DPS Rules.

MSPs can apply to join the DPS at any time in the life of the DPS by completing the registration details at https// .

About Innovate UK and UKRI.

Innovate UK is the UK's innovation agency. We are
an executive non-departmental public body sponsored
by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial
Strategy (BEIS) and are incorporated as the
Technology Strategy Board by Royal Charter in
England and Wales.
In April 2018 changes will be made to the structure of
the UK's research and innovation bodies (including
Innovate UK). A new body corporate will be
established under the Higher Education and Research
Act 2017 that brings together the UK's seven
Research Councils, Innovate UK and a new
organisation, Research England. This new body will
be known as UK Research and Innovation ("UKRI").
With the establishment of UKRI, Innovate UK
(Technology Strategy Board) will cease to exist as a
body corporate in its own right and will become a
committee or 'Council' of UKRI. Innovate UK will
continue to administer contract and grant funding and
to manage the relationship with MSPs as a Council of
UKRI. However, existing contracts awarded by
Innovate UK under the DPS will be transferred to
UKRI under a statutory transfer scheme and future
contracts awarded under the DPS will be entered into
by UKRI. More information about UKRI is available

More information


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Please see the attached DPS Documentation for full details and instructions.

The selections and awards will be based on the criteria set out within the DPS Documentation.

Applications and Expressions of Interest: interested providers are asked to complete the registration form and follow the instructions provided at https// .

How to apply

Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.

About the buyer

Contact name

Innovate UK Monitoring Services Team


Polaris House


01793 867000