Published date: 9 February 2021

This notice was replaced on 1 April 2021

This notice does not contain the most up-to-date information about this procurement. The most recent notice is:

Opportunity (published 12 May 2021)

Closed early engagement

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  • Education and training services - 80000000

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Any region

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Published date

9 February 2021

Closing date

28 February 2021

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The Contracting Authority is seeking a service provider to create and host a range of free in-class and catch-up curriculum resources to support teachers with their in-class lesson delivery and catch-up activity.
All resources to fully meet the standards of the national curriculum.
It is anticipated that the range of services may include:
# the creation and maintenance of various in-class and catch-up resources in various formats
# hosting of the resources for a specified time period on publicly available platform
# support for teachers to use the service and service implementation, management and reporting
# core concepts for teachers to understand the key knowledge and skills needed by pupils to build understanding, make connections and progress within a subject area
# diagnostic tests to support teachers in identifying gaps in pupil learning, enabling them to identify next steps and assign a package of resources to help pupils resolve gaps in knowledge and address misconceptions

The range of subjects to be covered by both in-class and catch-up resources is being determined and will be fully set out in the specification should the Contracting Authority subsequently publish a contract notice and invitation to tender.

We envisage that the diagnostic tests will be downloadable by teachers and completed between teacher and student.

The above is neither an exhaustive or final requirement. It is subject to development prior to the publication of any potential subsequent contract notice.

The Contracting Authority is holding a market engagement event on Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 2pm which will be conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams.

The purpose of market engagement session being to:
# share the Contracting Authority's early thinking around the potential requirement
# seek views from potential providers on the potential requirement
# give an overview of the procurement process should the Contracting Authority subsequently publish a formal contract notice

To access the session details, please visit the contracting authority's e-procurement portal at

There are no restrictions on the number of potential providers who may register the market engagement session.

Potential providers are advised that joining the session does not:
# constitute a formal expression of interest, intention or commitment to submit a tender response
# give any advantage over any potential provider(s) who do not join the session

The Contracting Authority may, without prejudice, use feedback from the session to help inform the development of the potential requirement.

For potential providers unable to attend the session and/or who have sight of this notice after the session, any delivery materials (slide deck, etc.) will be available on the contracting authority's e-procurement portal.

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Potential providers are advised that should the Contracting Authority subsequently publish a formal contract notice, the procurement will be managed (including the submission of tender responses) via the contracting authority's e-procurement portal.

To register an account, please visit:

Should the Contracting Authority subsequently move to a formal procurement exercise it will be advertised on Find a Tender and contracts finder via publication of the appropriate notices.

Potential providers may wish to monitor Find a Tender and Contracts Finder.

This notice is for information only. The Contracting Authority may or may not subsequently publish a formal contract notice in the future.

The value anticipated potential contract value of £3.9m is an estimate only based on a potential contract term of 15 months (a three month implementation period followed by a one year delivery period).

About the buyer


Department for Education
Sanctuary Buildings, 20, Great Smith Street, London