Published date: 17 December 2021

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  • Research and development services and related consultancy services - 73000000

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17 December 2021

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21 February 2022

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1 April 2022

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31 March 2023

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Service contract

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AWE Sustain and Protect will focus on the following hypotheses, which will be further refined in due course into detailed experimental activity. Applications must link to one of the following hypotheses:

- Sustainment 1. If Urban CSS elements have the means to autonomously forecast consumption rates, then stores can be disseminated before they become needed to increase mass.
- Sustainment 2. If Urban Equipment Support Specialists have the means to autonomously predict component failure, then parts can be replaced before a failure occurs to increase mass.
- Sustainment 3. If Urban Medical Specialists have the ability to autonomously identify, and treat or extract, casualties before their combat effectiveness is adversely affected then operational output can be maintained to ensure tempo and mass.
- Sustainment 4. If Urban Equipment Support Specialists have the ability to identify and autonomously recover stricken equipment then they can remain protected to increase mass.
- Sustainment 5. If Urban FEs have the organic means to generate, store, manage and distribute electrical power then they will be able to sustain their own electrical power requirements to increase tempo and mass.

- Protection 1. If Urban Commanders have the ability to create physical obstacles then they will be able to control Freedom of Movement in the Urban environment to increase tempo and mass.
- Protection 2. If Urban FE have the ability to autonomously or remotely breach urban barriers, rapidly and repeatedly, then they can increase freedom of movement and protection to increase tempo and mass.
- Protection 3. If Urban FEs have the ability to conceal their own physical and non-physical (EMS and Cyber) signatures, then they will improve their survivability to increase mass.
- Protection 4. If urban FE have the ability to accurately map the urban environment, including sub-terranean zones, then they will improve IPE and increase situational understanding to increase tempo.
- Protection 5. If Urban FEs have autonomous means to FIND emplaced threats, then they will have increased freedom of movement to increase tempo.
- Protection 6. If Urban FEs have an effective portable counter-UAS capability, then they will be less susceptible to detection and attack, and have greater maneuvrability and protection to increase survivability

- Personnel 1. If personnel have their performance optimised (cognitive, physical, psychological and social) then they will be capable of performing at a higher standard to increase operational advantage.
- Personnel 2. If Urban Commanders have better intelligence regarding the physical and mental capacity of their work force, then they will be more able to resource missions and tasks to increase operational advantage.

Please submit 1 x White Paper and Quad Chart per product through the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP). Templates for both the White Paper and Quad Chart are available from DSP.

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