Published date: 23 October 2017

Last edited date: 23 October 2017

Open opportunity - This means that the contract is currently active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to fulfil the contract.

Closing: 31 January 2023

Contract summary


  • Kitchen furniture and equipment - 39141000

  • Fitted kitchens - 39141400

  • Bathroom furniture - 39144000

    • Kitchen equipment, household and domestic items and catering supplies - 39220000

    • Kitchen equipment - 39221000

    • Kitchenware - 39221100

    • Toilet and kitchen linen - 39514000

    • Roof - 44112400

    • Roof frames - 44112410

    • Roof supports - 44112420

    • Roof trusses - 44112430

    • Roofing materials - 44112500

    • Timber roof trusses - 44232000

    • Articles for the bathroom and kitchen - 44410000

    • Bathrooms construction work - 45211310

    • Kitchen or restaurant conversion - 45212500

    • Roof works and other special trade construction works - 45260000

    • Erection and related works of roof frames and coverings - 45261000

    • Roof-framing work - 45261100

    • Roof-covering and roof-painting work - 45261200

    • Roof-covering work - 45261210

    • Roof-tiling work - 45261211

    • Roof-slating work - 45261212

    • Metal roof-covering work - 45261213

    • Bituminous roof-covering work - 45261214

    • Roof-painting and other coating work - 45261220

    • Roof-painting work - 45261221

    • Cement roof-coating work - 45261222

    • Roof insulation work - 45261410

    • Waterproofing work - 45261420

    • Roof repair and maintenance work - 45261900

    • Roof repair - 45261910

    • Roof maintenance work - 45261920

    • Painting work - 45442100

    • Repainting work - 45442180

    • Paint-stripping work - 45442190

    • Decoration work - 45451000

Location of contract


Value of contract

£100 to £500,000

Procurement reference

AM 0002

Published date

23 October 2017

Closing date

31 January 2023

Contract start date

1 April 2023

Contract end date

2 April 2023

Contract type


Procedure type

Open procedure (above threshold)

Any interested supplier may submit a tender in response to an opportunity notice.

This procedure can be used for procurements above the relevant contract value threshold.

Contract is suitable for SMEs?


Contract is suitable for VCSEs?



Raven Housing Trust is inviting suitably qualified and experienced contractors to be appointed to join their Dynamic Purchasing System DPS to support their Planned Maintenance and Responsive Repairs requirements.
The DPS for Planned Maintenance and Responsive Repairs works and services is expected to run for a period of 6 years the DPS is a two-stage process.

Stage One

Stage one is the initial setup stage to create a list of suitable Contractor's that satisfy Ravens relevant criteria.

Contractors who apply and meet the selection criteria and are not excluded will be admitted to the Raven DPS.

Future tenders during the life of the DPS will be procured under defined lots of work Contractors should identify the lots of work that they are interested in and will be expected to clearly demonstrate their capacity and capability specified for each lot.

There will be no limit on the number of Contractors that may join the DPS for each Lot category.

Any new Contractors can also apply to join the DPS at any point during its lifetime.

The specific works and services that may be procured under the DPS cannot be clearly defined at this stage however the nature and types of works that may be required are included in the tender documents.

The DPS Agreement includes the terms and conditions for subsequent Call Offs, but places no obligations on Raven Housing Trust to procure any planned maintenance and responsive repairs works and services.

The DPS in itself is therefore not a contract contracts are only formed when works and services are called off under a specific lot via stage two.

The Invitation to Tender documents issued by Raven Housing Trust for specific call-off contracts will specify the terms and conditions for the execution of planned and responsive repairs works and services. The standard contract will be based on the most appropriate JCT Form of Contract.

Stage Two

Individual Contractor's will be invited to tender for specific lots where they have expressed interest during stage one for the life of the DPS.

A selection of Contractors who qualify for a specific lot will be invited to tender.

Contract periods will be between 1 to 6 years depending on the lot.

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Refer to Documentation available at :

Is a Recurrent Procurement Type? : No

How to apply

Follow the instructions given in the description or the more information section.

About the buyer

Contact name

Esther Findlay


29 Linkfield Lane
United Kingdom


01737 272496