Published date: 18 March 2016

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Approach to market date: 31 May 2016

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  • Education and training services - 80000000

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Any region

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1320 - DfE

Published date

18 March 2016

Approach to market date

31 May 2016

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5 September 2016

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30 August 2019

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To develop and rollout a new, secure, online / onscreen Key Stage 2 test for primary children in England (Circa 16,000 schools / 550,000 children). The supplier must develop a system to be used online and provide a service to cater for schools with limited / no internet access and/or poor IT infrastructure.

In addition the supplier will need to manage a whole service for the test which includes providing a helpdesk to support schools with technical issues in the system, ensuring that the data captured from the system can feed into other STA data feeds.

The supplier will need to have knowledge of the wide variety of Special Educational Needs in schools and be able to make, and suggest, modifications to the test to cater for these children.

The test will only be focussed on 1-12 times tables; although the length and timing of the test is still to be decided following a wider consultation, it is envisaged that the test will be sat by pupils in May 2017.

This is the first online /onscreen Key Stage 2 test in primary schools and the Standards and Testing Agency are keen to explore all options for the delivery of this contract and will consider using any existing software if it can be fully amended to suit the needs of the test. It should be noted, however, that any system that is proposed must be able to import and export data with existing STA systems and new systems that may be developed under a new Key Stage 2 test delivery contract in 2018 onwards.

Security requirements are essential and any potential supplier must ensure their services are compliant with the HMG Security Policy Framework in conjunction with current CESG Information Assurance Policy. As part of this the supplier must be able to demonstrate that:
• they have achieved, and be able to maintain, independent certification to ISO/IEC 27001.
• Will comply with the UK Government Security Classification Policy in respect of Departmental Data being handled in the course of providing this service (
• Any electronic transfer methods across public space or cyberspce must be protected via encryption which has been certified to a minimum FIPS 140-2 standard. This includes and devices / hardware / portable equipment to be used in the delivery of the service
• Be aware that IT systems or hosting environments that are to be used for this project shall be subject to an independent IT Health Check using a CESG approved ITHC provider (more information:

The above bullets are not inclusive and further information on security requirements will be issued with the invitation to tender.

This will be a 3 year contract with option of further extending for 2 years. Intention is to have supplier in contract for September 2016

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