Published date: 28 June 2021

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Closing: 31 August 2021, 12pm

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  • Hydrogen - 24111600

  • Design and execution of research and development - 73300000

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United Kingdom

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TRN: 5045/04/2021

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28 June 2021

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31 August 2021

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1 November 2021

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31 March 2025

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Service contract

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Open (non-OJEU)

Any interested supplier may submit a tender in response to an opportunity notice.

Non-OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) procedures are valued below a certain financial threshold.

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The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 (HYS2) competition is the follow on from the highly successful Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply (HS1) [1] competition and aims to accelerate the development of a wide range of innovative low-carbon hydrogen supply solutions to enable development of a hydrogen economy compatible with net zero targets.


The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 competition is split into two streams: Stream 1 and Stream 2. HYS2 Stream 1 will be for market entry solutions at Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 4-6 and HYS2 Stream 2 will be for more mature solutions/technologies at TRLs 6/7 (HS1 was a single stream competition open to TRL 4-7 technologies). Stream 1 and Stream 2 are independent competitions in legal terms, and each has its own separate pre-commercial procurement process.

This Contracts Finder Notice is for Stream 2 only.

Stream 2 aims to identify, support and then develop credible innovative hydrogen supply or enabling technologies to bring about a step change in their development.

Stream 2 competition will be run as a single-phase competition.

Stream 2: Demonstration (up to £30m)

The Stream 2 competition will support the physical demonstration of a wide range of technologies and solutions over a number of themes which are Low Carbon Hydrogen Production solutions, Zero Carbon Hydrogen Production solutions, Hydrogen Storage and Transport solutions and Net Zero Hydrogen Supply solutions.

This competition will support the physical demonstration of the hydrogen supply solution, including engineering design, build, trial, decommissioning, market assessment, and knowledge dissemination. The demonstration study should either demonstrate the entire hydrogen supply solution (where necessary simulating scenarios of the hydrogen uses), or key components or a prototype in a relevant environment, or further develop and demonstrate the physical design of new solutions to enable low carbon hydrogen supply solutions. Companies will also develop technical and business plans for market deployment.

For the physical demonstration, this competition will only provide funding to develop, build, trial (and decommission if required) to the system boundary of the innovative solution and the ancillary equipment required to run the trial. It will not provide funding for end-to-end hydrogen projects or end use equipment such as boilers, pipe networks, refuelling stations or modes of transportation (such as buses and ships).

This competition will only support demonstration projects where the core technology being developed has not been previously operated widely or in a commercial environment.

Stream 2 competition has been assigned a maximum budget of £30m. The maximum funding available per project is £10m.

Stream 2 Projects must be completed by 1 February 2025.

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"The following changes have been made to the Stream 2 Guidance Notes since the last published notice.

Section 3: Change in registration submission date from 2 August to 23 August 2021 and application form submission date from 9 August to 31 August 2021.

Section 13: Departments right to amend the Competition documents changed from 19 July to 9 August 2021.

Appendix 4: Declaration 2: Form of Tender updated to reflect revised application closure date to 31 August 2021.

Appendix 5: Condition 18(7) updated to reference Condition 31(16) instead of Condition 31(15).

Appendix 5: Annex 1: Data Protection (Duration of Processing) updated to reflect revised application closure date to 31 August 2021."

How to apply to the Stream 2 competition

1. To learn more about the Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Stream 2 Competition, please read the Stream 2 Guidance Notes, the Guidance Notes Q&A document and the Stakeholder Engagement Day Q&A document available on the competition webpage:

2. Applicants are requested to submit a registration form for Stream 2 by noon, 23 August 2021. Once you have registered, you will receive a password which will give you access to the Stream 2 application form. The Stream 2 registration form can be accessed using the following link:

Previous registration to Expressions of Interest or attendance at the Stakeholder Engagement event does not result in an automatic registration.

3. Please submit your online application to the Stream 2 competition by noon, 31 August 2021.The application form can be accessed using the following link:

Eligibility, assessment, and moderation of applications is due to be completed by October 2021 (subject to change and based on the number of applications).

If you experience any issues when completing the Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Stream 2 Competition Registration and Application Forms, please contact us by emailing

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