Published date: 18 July 2018

This notice was replaced on 10 January 2019

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Awarded contract (published 10 January 2019)

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  • Health services - 85100000

Location of contract

North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, London, South East, South West

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Published date

18 July 2018

Closing date

25 September 2018

Contract start date

28 November 2018

Contract end date

27 March 2020

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Service contract

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Other: Public Contracts Regulations 2015 Schedule 7 Light Touch Regime

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Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy Training

The project will deliver the approved revised national curriculum (20 days face-to-face) for DIT Training, including selection, teaching, supervision and assessment of competence (but not including provision of practice placements).

Please refer to Annex A - Service Specification of the tender documentation for full details of the required services.

The Commissioner ( Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of Health Education England ) is being assisted by NHS Commercial Solutions with the procurement elements of the project.

Full tender documentation is only available via the NHS Commercial Solutions Bravo e tendering system. See the Additional Text section of this Notice for full details of how to register and access the documentation

To be delivered in 2 - 4 cohorts of 14 - 28 trainees at accessible locations providing 14 training places to provider services covering each of the following HEE areas :

Lot 1. North (Yorkshire and Humber, North East, North West) - 14 places

Lot 2. London- 14 places

Lot 3. South (Kent, Surrey and Sussex, South West, Thames Valley and Wessex) - 14 places

Lot 4. Midlands and East (East Midlands, West Midlands and East of England) - 14 places

Lot 5. North (Yorkshire and Humber, North East, North West) - 14 places. Midlands and East (East Midlands, West Midlands and East of England) - 14 places. 28 places in total - maximum 2 locations

Lot 6. South (Kent, Surrey and Sussex, South West, Thames Valley and Wessex) - 14 places. London- 14 places. 28 places in total - maximum 2 locations

Bidders may choose to bid for individual Lots or combinations of Lots.

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Additional text

NHS Commercial Solutions (NHSCS) is assisting the Commissioner - Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of Health Education England with the procurement elements of this project.

The Tender Memorandum of Information and Specification are attached to assist potential providers.

The tender will be conducted via the NHSCS Bravo e tendering system. Bidders wishing to Express an Interest (EOI) in participating will be required to register on the Bravo system if they have not previously done so. This can be done at any time via this web link:

The Bravo Project number for this tender is Project 2889
The Invitation to Tender number is itt_2904

An organisation will be assumed to have expressed interest by registering on the Invitation to Tender on the portal.

NHSCS is utilising the Bravo eTendering system system to manage this Procurement and to communicate with Bidders. Accordingly, there will be no hard copy documents issued to Bidders and ALL communications with the Commissioner and NHS Commercial Solutions, will be conducted ONLY via the Bravo secure messaging service within the Bravo portal.

It is free to register on the Bravo portal. Should Bidders have any queries, or if Bidders are having problems registering on the portal, they should contact the BravoSolution dedicated Supplier Support, available from the Bravo Help desk:
Phone: 0800 368 4850 ( Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm )

After accessing the ITT, bidders should download all the tender documentation contained in the Attachments folder of the ITT.

This procurement is governed by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) and the Procurement Patient Choice and Competition Regulations 2013 (PPCCR 2013). The procurement falls within Section 7 of the PCR 2015 (the "light touch regime" or LTR). While the Commissioner has elected for this Procurement to use an approach and terminology which is similar to aspects of PCR 2015, this should not be taken as an acceptance by the Commissioner that any part of the PCR 2015 (other than those provisions specifically applicable to the LTR) apply to this procurement.

The Commissioner intends that the Tender process will follow a procedure similar to the Open procedure (as set out in the PCR 2015) but for the avoidance of doubt the Commissioner is not (and is not obliged to) running the process strictly in accordance with that procedure and so reserves the right to adapt the procedure as it sees fit (subject to general Treaty principles). Neither the inclusion of a selections stage nor the use of the term "Selection Questionnaire" nor any other indication shall be taken to mean that the Commissioner intends to hold itself bound by anything other than the provisions of Section 7 of the PCR 2015.

The Commissioner will follow the principles of transparency, fairness and non-discrimination in conducting this procurement.

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Jeff Scott NHS Commercial Solutions on behalf of the Commissione


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