Published date: 9 February 2023

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This notice does not contain the most up-to-date information about this procurement. The most recent notice is:

Early engagement (published 9 February 2023, last edited 17 February 2023)

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  • Modular and portable buildings - 44211100

  • Building construction work - 45210000

  • Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants - 45212000

    • Pavilion construction work - 45212600

    • Architectural design services - 71220000

    • Architectural services for buildings - 71221000

Location of contract

Any region

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Published date

9 February 2023

Closing date

3 March 2023

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In April 2025, His Majestys Government (HMG) will deliver a self-built UK Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka (13th April - 13th October 2025). HMG has already commenced the procurement for International Content Design Services (ICDS), a contract which will deliver the high-level concept for the UK Pavilion along with proposed content and an outstanding visitor experience. The ICDS contract is due to be awarded in March 2023 (subject to change), with outputs to be delivered in Summer 2023 (subject to change).

At this critical point, it will be imperative that HMG is able to take the concept, content, and proposed experience, along with the initial design ideas, and transform it into a fully realised building design that can then lead to the construction of the UK Pavilion. The end product should not only effectively communicate the concept and tell the UKs story, but also meet the requirements of both Expo and the Japanese Authorities, and be achievable in the time available.

HMG is therefore seeking input from the market to finalise its strategy towards final architectural design and build of the UK Pavilion. There are several options being explored, including the procurement of a turnkey solution via a Design, Build & Operate (DBO) Contract. HMG would like to test market appetite, experience, and capabilities to inform whether this is the best strategy to deliver an outstanding pavilion, and also explore any alternative delivery options.

The approach to the market engagement is split into two parts:

(1) - UK-Based Engagement; and

(2) - Japan-Based Engagement

See "Additional Text" Section of the EEN for more information and how to get involved.

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UK Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka - Design, Build, Operate (DBO) & Decommission

  • Early engagement
  • Published 9 February 2023

Additional text

The approach to the market engagement is split into two parts:

1. UK-Based Engagement:

(a) A pre-recorded Webinar will be made available on Friday 17th February 2023. This will explain HMGs current thoughts and the questions it is trying to answer through this market engagement. If you would like to register to be sent access to this recording, please email

(b) Questionnaire - along with the pre-recorded webinar, we will make an online questionnaire available for you to complete to give your thoughts on various areas we wish to gather market insight and intelligence on (if you are unable to access the online questionnaire when issued, we will issue a word document version)

(c) HMG will review the completed questionnaires and webinar engagement and may follow up with one-to-one discussions (via MS Teams) with additional suppliers - this will be at HMGs discretion.

2. Japan-based Engagement - from 27th February - 3rd March 2023, the HMG Team working on the UKP at Expo 2025 will be in-country in Osaka for some planned market engagement. If you are available in Osaka during this time and would be interested in meeting the team and discussing HMGs approach to design and build of the UK Pavilion, please email:

Note: the teams time in Osaka is limited, therefore meetings will be scheduled at HMGs sole discretion according to availability.

Through the mixture of engagement, HMG will be looking to address and identify solutions to the following challenges:

- Overall market insight into most appropriate construction approach given time pressures and Japanese requirements - we want to explore traditional approaches as well as looking at modular build and pre-fabrication.

- Timelines for Construction and Supplier Capacity - we are trying to confirm our assumptions for the potential construction timelines for different delivery models (how long for foundations /to construct/ to mobilise) but also what the supply chain capacity and appetite is to undertake this work.

- Understand security of supply and scarcity of resources - we are seeking further understanding on how suppliers can ensure availability of materials and guarantee delivery. What networks within your supply chain can be utilised?

- High level understanding of the main cost drivers, inflationary pressures, maintenance cost etc. that are currently facing construction in Japan and likely to face us for Expo.

- Ways of working between a potential consortium of international suppliers (especially in the context of the unique nature of Expos) - preferred cost mechanisms, preferred contracting method, sharing risk and liabilities, performance bonuses etc.

- Test different market solutions for achieving sustainable outcomes as well different approaches to decommissioning.

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Major World Events Commercial Team


Department for Business & Trade, Old Admiralty Building, Admiralty Place