Published date: 12 April 2021

Awarded opportunity - This means that the contract has been awarded to a supplier.

Closing: 16 November 2020, 2pm

Contract summary


  • IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support - 72000000

  • Research and development services and related consultancy services - 73000000

  • Administration services - 75100000

    • Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security - 79000000

Location of contract

South West

Value of contract

£0 to £18,000,000

Procurement reference


Published date

12 April 2021

Closing date

16 November 2020

Closing time


Contract start date

1 April 2021

Contract end date

31 March 2025

Contract type

Service contract

Procedure type

Negotiated procedure

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BCP Council is seeking to enter into a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with a single provider ('the Supplier') as a Strategic Implementation Partner (SIP) by which the SIP will develop Works Packages as recommendations to support in the implementation of BCP Council's Organisational Design Model.

The SIP will be responsible for supporting the Council in business improvement changes and partnering with the Council to ensure the delivery of benefit realisation throughout the implementation of organisational design. The SIP will also support the Council in identifying the required technology to deliver the organisational design model.

As well as working with the Council to help identify the required technology, the SIP should also be able to support in the development and technical implementation of the identified technology solutions ensuring that the Council's requirements are met by the technology (the technology required to deliver the organisational design model will be under separate third-party arrangement(s)).

Under the Strategic Partnership Agreement, work packages will be commissioned by the Council to the SIP. These work packages will be agreed under a governance structure with the SIP and will be signed off by the Council's governance that is set up under this Strategic Partnership Agreement contract. The Council does not guarantee any value under this Strategic Partnership Agreement contract. The SIP will need to be aware that the Council may not commission any work under this agreement and whilst the value of the Strategic Partnership Agreement contract has been set at the figure of £18,000,000, this is not a guaranteed value.

The Council is intending two initial work packages through the Strategic Partnership Agreement. The first will be for the production of a strategic programme for the implementation of organisational design including the anticipated work packages required. The second will be a work package for the development of the technology options for the delivery of organisational design.

The Supplier will need to be able to offer advice and/or delivery for management consultancy services, commercial consultancy services, technology implementation and project management consultancy services, strategic advice to senior stakeholders and additional resources to support Council capacity and capability.

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Suppliers interested in this contract opportunity can access the full procurement documentation by visiting BCP Council's electronic Tendering system

Suppliers should search for the contract opportunity through Supplying the South West. There are further details of the contract opportunity on the advert published on and instructions on how suppliers can access the procurement documentation for completion.

Responses to the contract opportunity must be submitted electronically through before the deadline shown on the system.

If you are unable to access the advert for the opportunity through please contact the Council using the contact details provided.

A notice (2020/S 195-473202) was published in the European Journal regarding this opportunity on 7 October 2020. This procurement is being completed under the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation (Regulation 29) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Award information

Awarded date

31 March 2021

Contract start date

1 April 2021

Contract end date

31 March 2025

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This contract was awarded to 1 supplier.



15 Canada Square, London E14 5GL



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Strategic Procurement Team


BCP Council
Town Hall, Bourne Avenue



Closing: 16 November 2020, 2pm