Published date: 5 September 2020

Open opportunity - This means that the contract is currently active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to fulfil the contract.

Closing: 1 October 2021, 12am

Contract summary


  • Warehouse management system - 42965100

  • Construction work for warehouses and industrial buildings - 45213200

  • Transport services (excl. Waste transport) - 60000000

    • Storage and warehousing services - 63120000

    • Warehousing services - 63122000

    • Freight transport agency services - 63521000

    • Defence services - 75220000

Location of contract

South West

Value of contract

£5,000,000 to £12,000,000

Procurement reference


Published date

5 September 2020

Closing date

1 October 2021

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Contract start date

1 October 2021

Contract end date

1 October 2029

Contract type

Service contract

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The Supply Chain Transformation Expansion (SCTX) programme is part of the Logistic Delivery Operations Centre (LDOC) within Defence Equipment & Support based in Abbey Wood Bristol. The team is responsible for delivering the SCTX requirement to understand, control and optimise the Defence Warehouse and Distribution capability in the UK Strategic Base. The aim is to carry out competitive tendering activity starting in Q4 21, the start date for procurement activity in this notice provides an indicative date only. Further analysis is needed which will affect the value of the procurement, an indicative value for the resulting contracts is somewhere in the range of £5 million and £12 million per annum dependent on the options taken forward.
The purpose of this PIN is to advise potential providers of a market engagement day being held for The Authority's requirement for the SCTX programme. The aims of the SCTX programme are to optimise the MOD's Warehousing and Distribution Network and to deliver an efficient and effective solution, through the competent management of MOD's warehouse facilities.
The Warehousing and Distribution Optimisation (WDO) project is tasked to understand, control and optimise the Defence Warehouse and Distribution capability in the UK Strategic Base. The types of solution the Authority would like to consider are; Multi Location Warehousing Estate Capacity and Capability Management System. Software as a solution, 3PL and 4PL. Multi Location Warehousing Estate Capacity and Capability Control Tower.
We are keen to seek the views of Industry, who may be interested in participating in the procurement process, in helping to shape the requirement. This process will begin with a market engagement day being held in Bicester, UK on the 20th October 2020. This will be the first of several engagement events, at which we are looking to share the scale and scope of the programme, together with our desired outcomes. Please note that due to the current COVID-19 restrictions on group gatherings, the Authority reserves the right to change the location and functionality of the market engagement day. This may include holding the market engagement days virtually. In all scenarios, the Authority reserves the right to restrict the number of attendees. The Authority will provide written notice of any changes via email to all interested parties. To register your interest please email the following email address: by 18-09-2020.

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Ministry Of Defence, Logistics Delivery Operating Centre, Supply Chain Transformation Expansion
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Closing: 1 October 2021, 12am