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  • Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security - 79000000

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United Kingdom

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UKSAC21_0031 CS21434

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13 August 2021

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3 September 2021

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10 September 2021

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30 June 2022

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Service contract

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Competitive quotation (below threshold)

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Brief Description of Requirement
UK Space Agency (UKSA) are inviting providers to submit their proposals to be a delivery partner for second education outreach competition aimed at primary school aged children (4-11 years).
• The competition will task children in each nation of the UK between the ages of 4-11 to design a mission logo to commemorate launch from the UK. The winning design will be featured on the first launch from UK soil.
• The competition will be promoted by a UK-wide campaign with supporting downloadable educational materials for all UK primary schools (including special schools), as well as other identified groups of young children, such as Brownies and Cubs.
• These educational materials will have a particular focus on how small satellites can help to monitor and inform solutions to climate change and children will be asked to reflect this in their designs, as well as on promoting the UK's spaceflight programme.
• The competition will run from November 2021 to late February 2022 (covering both the end of year academic break and the February half-term to optimise engagement). This will allow the activity to be seeded and championed within the classroom, but also for entries to be completed at home, alongside parental oversight.
• The competition will be promoted via high-profile multi-channel communications activity to optimise engagement and encourage as many children as possible to enter, supporting our aim to increase public awareness of UK Spaceflight and the role of small satellites.
• UKSA are looking to select one overall competition winner, whose design will be featured on the side of rockets launching from the UK. However, UKSA envisage that the competition will have two age categories and that the overall winner is selected from shortlisted entries taken from regions across the UK.

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