Published date: 27 July 2017

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Approach to market date: 7 November 2017

Contract summary


  • Letting services of short-stay furnished accommodation - 55250000

  • Public road transport services - 60112000

  • Taxi services - 60120000

    • Special-purpose road passenger-transport services - 60130000

    • Non-scheduled passenger transport - 60140000

    • Property management services of real estate on a fee or contract basis - 70330000

    • Miscellaneous business and business-related services - 79900000

    • Residential health facilities services - 85144000

    • Social work and related services - 85300000

    • Wellness services - 98334000

    • Accommodation services - 98341000

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Any region

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Published date

27 July 2017

Approach to market date

7 November 2017

Contract start date

1 September 2019

Contract end date

30 August 2024

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Under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, UKVI has an obligation to provide accommodation & support to asylum seekers who would otherwise be destitute.
The service user support services will include the provision of:

Accommodation is provided to support asylum applicants and their dependents who would otherwise be destitute. Accommodation is to be provided by the service provider(s) covering a number of regions in the UK. Accommodation provision is through local authorities, private and other accommodation providers e.g. housing associations. Accommodation is paid for on the basis of usage only, with the provider taking the void risk.
Three types of accommodation services required are:
1. Initial accommodation where a destitute asylum applicant and their dependents will reside before a decision is made on their support claim.
2. Dispersal accommodation where an asylum applicant's claim for asylum support has been approved, they and their dependents are moved to dispersal accommodation whilst their asylum claim and any subsequent appeal are processed.
3. Accommodation for failed asylum applicants and immigration detainees released on bail who may be eligible for support if there is a legitimate barrier to their removal.

Transport is provided for asylum applicants and their dependents during their asylum application process to ensure they arrive at required destinations for interview appointments.
Service users needing accommodation are transported from the point of claim to the allocated site on the initial accommodation estate.
Once a claim for support has been agreed the service users are transported from initial accommodation to the assigned dispersal address.
Project Vision
Asylum Accommodation and Support Contract aims to deliver a VfM and affordable accommodation and support system which effectively delivers the UK's statutory and international obligations to asylum seekers, supporting the operation of effective immigration controls.

The system will ensure the safety and security of service users and their host communities. Services will be delivered as consistently & efficiently as possible at a level which is proportionate in comparison with the services offered to UK nationals:
• Service users will experience an accessible and easy to navigate system, which delivers consistent and compassionate support. The system will protect the vulnerable, keep service users safe, orientate them to live in their communities and prepare them to act on the outcome of their asylum claim.
• Providers will supply a service of which they are proud, securing a broad supply of accommodation and appropriate support services. The department will take practical steps to give them greater certainty on demand, with a sustainable balance of risk, an appropriate rate of return and scope for innovation in delivery.
• Communities will feel involved in the support of destitute asylum seekers, working in partnership with UKVI.

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2019/2020 £600,000,000


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